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Guide to US Phone Systems

Phone Systems

Find out more about US Phone Systems

The phone is now such an everyday object we take it for granted. For companies, no matter their size, phone systems are viewed in an altogether different light; it’s their lifeline, their primary means of communication with customers, suppliers and trading partners. Office phone systems are about as business-critical as it gets.

Today, most companies regard being without email as a catastrophe. But, ultimately, there are fall back communications to use until the server comes back online. Losing the entire office phone systems, in comparison, almost unthinkable, the stuff of CEO nightmares.

For exactly this reason, we decided it was high time there was a web site that dealt comprehensively in the business fundamental that is the office phone system. And here it is…

Rather than go chasing all over the net to the web sites of countless business phone systems and their manufacturers and dealers, we have simplified matters by bringing all the resources together in one place. The internet equivalent of speed dialling.

Whether your company is you and your dog, or you and several thousand other users, this site has it all: information, top tips and hints, and quick access to all the top brand name manufacturers and dealers.

Learn, for example, the short form differences between between PBX phone systems and key phone systems and which is best suited to your business.

Also, get the inside track on all the leading manufacturers:

Obviously there’s more to choosing business phone systems than looking at the label. Discover all the questions to be posing, the answers you want to hear and the planning process that goes into making certain your investment goes as smoothly and as pain-free as you hope it will.

For start up and small companies with limited funds, we take a thorough look at how to make meagre resources go that little bit further by purchasing used phone systems. We examine the advantages to be levered from a used phone system and flag up the potential booby-traps that will blow up planned savings.

Find out, too, why small companies are feeling underwhelmed by the latest technology. And why future-proofing, while vital, is not the only consideration when picking up the tab for an office phone system.

Every site visitor should also make our computer phone systems page a must see before going shopping for what is the number one purchasing decision for any business. You may well realize to your benefit that the person making the purchasing decision isn’t necessarily best qualified for the task. Find out who should be right up there when it comes to evaluating business phone systems.