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Guide to UK Phone Systems

Avaya Business Phone Systems

Find out more about Avaya Business Phone Systems

If you’re on the lookout for a business phone system manufacturer that adopts a holistic end-to-end approach there are very few to choose from.

In fact, the name most readily springing to mind is Avaya. For, unlike other major business phone companies, Avaya is probably unique in having dedicated Research and Development labs in addition to a comprehensive sales, marketing, finance and customer support operation based in the UK.

Focussing firmly on the small to medium-sized enterprise, the Avaya presence in the UK benefits from being part of a multi-national company with top flight credentials in creating powerful and reliable business phone systems. In total, it’s estimated that Avaya are servicing the needs of more than one million businesses worldwide. And who can argue with a track record like that?

If Avaya business phone systems are summed up in one word that word has to be versatile. Avaya business phone systems offer two product lines:

  • Avaya IP Office
  • Avaya INDeX

Avaya have created business communications solutions for companies of all sizes. And when they say companies of all sizes, an often bandied about phrase, Avaya can substantiate their claim.

Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Office is suitable for two to 360 extensions, sufficient for even the most demanding of small businesses. Big brother, Avaya INDeX, meanwhile, ups the ante, targeting small to medium-sized enterprises with a system capable of handling up to 1000 users. In anyone’s language, that’s covering all the SME bases.

However, there’s more to versatility than sheer weight of numbers. Who in business wants a telephone system that’s the telecoms equivalent of a one trick pony?

Again, Avaya have this well in hand. The modular design of Avaya IP Office, for example, means that scaling up means buying a bolt-on unit to add more extensions and functionality. For small business this represents the ability to grow their telecommunications in a manageable and cost effective manner that more closely matches their needs and budget. Regardless of whether it’s a home office, standalone business or part of a branch office-head office type of network, expanding the system can be done incrementally at a known and predictable cost.

Avaya INDeX

Avaya INDeX, meanwhile, was built with flexibility at its very core. From the outset, INDeX was designed as a fully integrated communications platform that supported a wide range of applications and networking of multiple remote sites. By definition, then, versatility was the underlying design precept.

The result is a highly adaptable and customisable digital communications platform that’s configurable as a PBX or key system that seamlessly handles voice and data. And, as if the base model isn’t impressive enough, further advanced functionality and features can be added to keep pace with evolving business needs.