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Guide to Soda Machines

Soda Machine

Find out more about Soda Machines

For almost two hundred years soda machines of some form or another have shaped popular culture in America.

Soda fountains and soda machines have played a major part in countless young lives. Indeed in many places, the soda machine was frequently the focal point of community life – a meeting place to socialize, exchange information or go on a tentative, youthful date. Alternatively, the soda machine loomed large in the psyche as a pit stop at the movies.

Whatever connotations they may hold for us, the soda machine is ingrained in American life and showing no signs yet of vanishing any time soon. It is this truth that lies of the heart of this web site. Here, we salute that most American of cultural icons, the soda machine. While it may be deep-rooted in the past and hold unique memories for everyone, the soda fountain and soda machine are very much alive today. They are as vibrant now as at any time in the past. Arguably, they are at the zenith of their powers when in the midst of a generation that views convenience and 24x7 availability as an inalienable right rather than an expectation.

We tackle the subject of soda fountains and soda machines from two perspectives – the home user and the business person.

The assumption made is that home user is trying to achieve certain goals – other than drinking soda - by purchasing a soda machine. The first is that they’re trying to recapture their youth (and who doesn’t when you reach a certain age). Secondly, the consumer has altogether different motives and is more interested in convenience and freeing up space in the refrigerator.

From the business viewpoint, we examine the soda vending machine as a commercial proposition. On our soda vending machine page we discuss the business rationale of the vending machine and flag up some of the pitfalls. Vending machines may be marketed as easy extra cash, but the reality can be somewhat different.

On our used soda machine page discover how to maximize the chances of buying a reliable machine with hints and tips on body-swerving tired machines.

For consumer models, we have a lowdown on our home soda machine page and provide general information on getting the most out of the consumables, the syrup mixes and the gas canisters. Learn, too, where not to place your home soda machine or store spare CO2 cylinders.

For those in the market for a soda fountain machine check out our dedicated page. Here we look at the main purchasing decisions to be made. We run down the internal differences and point out what to take into account when selecting a soda fountain to fit the location you have in mind.